Basic / Origin Trait

Defeating targets or dealing damage with this weapon gradually increases range, stability, handling, and reload speed.

Swords gain increased charge rate and guard resistance.

Community Research

Hits and Kills with your Weapon grant you 'Points'. Hitting Point thresholds grants Stacks of Field Test.

Maximum of 5 Stacks. Buff is only removed on death.

Stat Bonuses at 1|2|3|4|5 Field Test Stacks:
• 3|6|9|12|20 Range
• 5|10|20|35|55 Reload Speed
• (?) Stability and Handling
• 5|10|20|35|55 Charge Rate (Swords)
• 5|10|20|30|40 Guard Resistance (Swords)

Points required for 1|2|3|4|5 Stacks:
• Primary Weapons: 51|151|351|651|1001
• Special Weapons: 26|76|176|326|501
• Power Weapons: 11|31|71|131|201

Each Damage Instance (Weapon Hit) grants 1 Point regardless of Weapon Archetype and Enemy Rank.

Points granted by Kills are based on Enemy Rank :
• Tier 1-2 Minors: 1 Point
• Tier 3-4 Minors, Tier 2+ Elites, and higher: 4 Points
• Tier 1 Elites: 5 Points
• Enemy Players: 10 Points

Kill Point Multipliers by Weapon Archetype:
• Primary Weapons and Shotguns: 5x
• Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers: 2x
Last Updated 2023-07-25
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