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The Navigator
I dive to understand.
Breakthrough, or broken?
Arbor Warden
Tend the gardens of your heart.
Triton Vice
With this, I topple Heracles.
Cenotaph Mask
You carry the names of the dead.
For Ghosts with an unknown lifeform taking control.
Constant Vigilance Shell
For Ghosts who always keep an eye on things.
Deepseeker Shell
For Ghosts who hold on tight.
Digital Pet Shell
For Ghosts who seem to need a little extra TLC.
Experimental Pattern Shell
For Ghosts who are early adopters.
Heartful Shell
For Ghosts with infinite love to give.
Hero's Wake
"He was like a father to us both." —Aisha
Maglev Shell
For Ghosts who need a little less friction in their lives.
ROV Shell
For Ghosts who can take the pressure.
Scribe's Shell
For Ghosts who carry the weight of history.
Síocháin's Scuba Shell
For Ghosts who are acclimated to the pressures of the job, and the depths.
Akashic Revelation
We end at the beginning.
Blooming Terror
Built to endure and survive; look for the light in the stars.
Kemper Research Model
Whisper-quiet and smooth as a glassy lake.
Pale Blue Dot
Small acts of kindness light up the infinite void.
Prototype Submersible
Someone's tested this thing under pressure… right?
Rapid Response
For immediate action during a security breach.
Scrivener's Skipper
Comes with a personal archive and expanded storage.
StarRacer 95
Sleek? No. Spaceworthy? Mostly.
Valiant Memory
"Of course, I'm wounded. That's what we do. We're Guardians. We die so that...
Asymmetric Force
You always have more resources, and more reserves.
Bright Nostalgia
Why are the buttons and dials so big?
Frictionless Freedom
Designed and tested to aerodynamic perfection.
JJ-2 Research Rover
Previous prototypes were autonomous only.
All of this might come in handy someday.
Pale Reflection
The moon and mirrors have much in common.
Quarantine Runner
Don't get caught in the spores left in its wake.
Recalcitrant Host
Take what is not given.
Survivor's Journey
"When one life passes, another rises to take its place. That's balance. Tha...
To Be Remembered
Never forget.